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Osteopathyfor dogs and cats


The treatment of dogs and cats is similar to the treatment of horses. Although dog owners don’t expect much physical effort of their pet in comparison to horse owners, an osteopathic treatment can be appropriate in several cases. Small as well as big dogs and cats can benefit from an osteopathic treatment. The principles of an osteopathic treatment of dogs and cats are similar to those of a treatment of horses. The key is to restore the mobility of tissues, joints and organs so the body of the dog or cat is able to restore its balance.
The treatment is performed with the owner at home, on a table or on the floor. For the cat or the dog it’s always reassuring if the owner is present during the treatment to calm down or comfort the animal. This doesn’t mean that the owner constantly hugs his or her pet or comforts the pet with treats.

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Some indications when an osteopathic treatment of your dog or cat is recommended:

  • Your pet is limping or has problems with jumping or walking fast
  • There are some gait irregularities
  • Your pet doesn’t eat anymore (hardly eats) or has digesting problems
  • Your pet vomits or has diarrhea
  • Skin problems
  • Post injury or post trauma
  • Postoperative
  • To increase the performances of your competition dog
  • Preventative treatment

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