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Osteopathyfor horses – HOW?

How does a treatment work?

A treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

After you contacted me and we set up a treatment date, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Below you can find some important points before, during and after treatment.

  • It is best not to ride or lunge the horse before treatment. A wet and sweaty skin complicates the treatment.
  • If the horse has been in the pasture or has been running lose in the paddock, it is better to comb the horse.

  • The horse will be treated in the box, the washing place or in the stable corridor, depending on the situation and possibilities.
  • During the treatment, the owner holds on to the horse, and tries to follow the treatment and the explanation of the osteopath while he or she keeps the head of the horse in a neutral position.

  • Depending on the training skills and -intensity of the rider and the horse, a rest period will be inserted. This can vary from several days up to one week.
  • During this period of rest the horse is allowed on the pasture and it’s allowed to walk the horse by hand and to lunge the horse in walk unencumbered.
  • After the rest the ridden activities can be resumed and the training intensity and duration can be increased gradually.
  • After a treatment the body needs time to restore itself, which means that the influence of an osteopathic treatment can last until 6 weeks after treatment. After 6 weeks it is recommended to contact the osteopath again to see if a second treatment is necessary.