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Osteopathyfor horses- WHEN?

When does an osteopath have a beneficial effect on the perfomances and behavior of your horse? Below you can find some signals that indicate an osteopathic treatment is recommended. Off course this list is not complete and other indications can occur. Therefore feel free to contact me to discuss the individual case of your horse.

Behavioral issues: girth envy, kicking at the owner or rider, bucking, head shyness, angry mares in heat, … Normally a horse doesn’t have a bad character, but it can develop behavioral issues because it suffers from an internal problem, which causes the horse to experience pain in the long term.

Problems while riding: the horse kicks to the riders’ legs, the horse roots on the reins, the horse has problems with stelling and/or bending, the horse doesn’t bascule on the obstacle, the horse refuses to jump, the horse runs away after jumping the obstacle, the horse doesn’t want to leg yield (on one or both sides), the horse doesn’t want to canter (on one or both sides), the horse stumbles a lot, the horse carries its tail to one side, …

Visceral problems: difficult digestion, recurrent colic, reduced uptake of nutrients, reduced defending mechanism, bad and unhealthy skin, diarrhea, fertility problems (through disturbance of the hormonal action), …


Also prevention is an important part of osteopathy. Ideal would be if we could treat the horses before main problems have a chance to occur. If we can, this has many advantages for the rider and the horse. The horse doesn’t have to rest for a long period after the treatment, therefore the training schedule isn’t heavily interrupted and the training sessions can be resumed more quickly. As a result, problems don’t have the chance to occur because the horse gets treatments on a regular base.

Attention !
It’s not recommended to contact an osteopath in acute cases. You’re better off calling a veterinarian in acute cases. Also pregnant mares are usually not treated because an osteopathic treatment has an effect on the hormonal system.