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Ostepathyfor horses – WHAT?

Osteopathy for horses and dogs is a holistic treatment in which the body of the animal is considered as a whole. All structures of the body are connected with each other, where one structure influences the other. We mainly search for the cause of problems, because it can be located further in the body than the location where the problems manifest themselves.

The body strives for a balance, called the homeostasis, and normally disposes of a self-regulating or self-healing mechanism. We, animal osteopaths, try to support the body in its self-regulating mechanism and the body will rebalance itself further on after a treatment. In this mechanism, the Arterial Rule is mainly important: when the blood flow is efficient, the body will work optimally. A good circulation is crucial for the supply of nutrients and the disposal of waste (such as toxins, CO2, …) to heal the self-regulating mechanism of the body. The blood flow is impaired if there’s a reduced mobility of the tissues, organs and joints. Therefore a blockade has a huge impact on a large part of the body.

The neurologic control for blood circulation, muscle tension, etcetera for the whole body is located in the neck and back of the animal. During a treatment we focus on the neck and back where the core problem is located, but also the motility of the organs will be restored and problems in the legs will be addressed. Treatment relies on soft techniques that restore the original mobility of the tissues, organs and joints, and thus restore the blood circulation, which instigates the natural healing process.